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Our added value at your service

ENERISK assists financial institutions in controlling their exposure to the risks inherent to the energy and natural resources industry.

Thanks to its triple expertise in Industry / Insurance / Finance and the reactivity of its teams, ENERISK is able to give you access to insurance products that are best adapted to the needs of financial institutions and projects in our sectors of expertise.

Your sector

Passionate about the energy and natural resources sectors, we serve investors developing projects in these fields:

Marine energy



Heat & cold

Extractive Industry

Oil & gas




Power plant

Hydraulic energy


Green industry

Providing humanity with the energy and resources it needs while preserving the environment for future generations is a colossal challenge. ENERISK contributes to this challenge by helping the financial actors of the sector to serenely contribute to the financing of innovations and the development of projects in the sector, with a view to favoring the most virtuous projects.

Your business

Our knowledge of structured finance allows us to support all financial players in the sectors in which we specialize.

  • Banks
  • Private investors
  • Non-banking financial institution / Public agency

Whatever your place in a competitive, international and complex market, ENERISK brings you the best tools of the insurance market to limit your exposure and ensure the sustainability and development of the assets in which you invest.

Your risks & our solutions

ENERISK has developed an expertise on the whole range of risks its clients are facing. We offer traditional insurance products, but also tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

  • Political Risk InsuranceProtection against the impact of political events on your operations and projects

  • Credit InsuranceProtection against the default of one of your domestic or foreign customers, reducing the cost of factoring and freeing up liquidity

  • BondingProtection against the risk of non-performance of your contractual or legal obligations

  • Financial GuaranteeProtection of your credit risk for easier access to financing

  • Construction / DamageProtection against construction risks and to ensure the continuity of your work sites
  • Marine and Transport InsuranceProtection of your property and interests during transport or marine operations
  • Property Damage / P&C (Fire, Accident and Miscellaneous Risks)Protection of your property
  • LiabilityProtection against damages caused to a third party
  • Personal InsuranceProtection of your employees and the impact on your company of the incapacity of one of them
  • Fraud and CybersecurityProtection against the impact of fraud and cybercrime on your operations and projects

As an expert and independent broker, ENERISK ensures the implementation of a global and tailor-made coverage.

Proactive support and emerging risks

ENERISK takes particular care to follow the evolution of the energy and natural resources markets in order to provide its clients with the best possible support for the new risks they face:

  • Climate risks
  • Environmental & ESG risks
  • Political risks: regulatory framework, energy tariffs, sanctions, terrorism, etc.
  • Acceptability risks
  • Credit risks
  • Fraud and cybercrime risks
  • R&D & pilot unit development risks
  • Inflation and energy cost risks
  • Pandemic risks

As a specialist broker, ENERISK keeps an active watch on new risks that may threaten your activities and advises you on the countermeasures to be put in place.

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Investors references



Support in limiting financial exposure to continue investing in the field



Setting up a credit risk hedge for its African public partner



Assistance in setting up credit insurance for the financing of an energy production company

As a local broker, ENERISK is committed to working with you to tailor the risks of your investment portfolio.

Your risks & our solutions

Who are you? ENERISK advises both industrial companies and financial institutions.

Financial institution

Industrial company

ENERISK: the energy transition broker

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