Our expertise

ENERISK‘s expertise is based on:

  • An in-depth knowledge of the markets
  • A rigorous analysis of the needs of its clients, with high added value
  • Expertise in covering a wide range of risks
  • A triple network & triple expertise: Industry / Insurance / Finance

ENERISK à vos côtés

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Alliance between men and machines in the service of human development, industry is facing new challenges. ENERISK’s mission is to provide the actors invested in this field with the means to develop more serenely and soberly by enabling them to control their risks.

Energy & Natural resources

Passionate about the challenges of the energy and natural resources world, ENERISK’s management team includes:

  • A recognized expert in structured financing of energy and natural resources projects
  • A former Oil & Gas project manager at TOTAL Energies.

The knowledge of these markets allows ENERISK’s teams to negotiate with insurers tailor-made solutions, perfectly calibrated to its clients’ needs.

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ENERISK’s team is composed of experienced professionals combining skills and expertise in all insurance products offered, as well as the ability to provide tailor-made solutions, taking into account the specificities of each project.

ENERISK relies on a varied and highly developed network of leading national and international insurance companies. Its in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of each one allows it to best place the various risks of its clients.


ENERISK’s team has worked on the structured financing of industrial infrastructures and has a large network in this field. This allows us to offer a global service in the field of credit risks, political risks, financial guarantees and bonds.

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Your risks & our solutions

Who are you? ENERISK advises both industrial companies and financial institutions.

Financial institution

Industrial company

ENERISK: the energy transition broker

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